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Mehrauli Visit in Best place Delhi

Mehrauli is a neighbourhood in the South West district of Delhi in India. It represents a constituency in the legislative assembly of Delhi. The area is located close to Gurgaon and next to Vasant Kunj. Naresh Yadav of Aam Aadmi Party is the current MLA from Mehrauli.

Iron Pillar erected by Chandragupta II, within the Qutb complex

Though Mehrauli is like any ordinary neighbourhood today, its past is what distinguishes it in terms of architecture. Ahinsa Sthal is a Jain temple located in Mehrauli, Delhi. The main deity of the temple is Mahavira, the 24th and last Tirthankara (human spiritual guide) of a present half cycle of time. A magnificent statue of Tirthankara. Mahāvīra is installed here. Even though the capital shifted from Mehrauli after the Slave dynasty rule came to an end, many other dynasties contributed significantly to Mehrauli’s architecture. The most visible piece of architecture remains. The Qutb complex which was initiated. By Qutub ud din Aybak with subsequent additions by Iltutmish and Alauddin Khalji. The Qutb complex is today a UNESCO world heritage site, and also the venue for the annual Qutub Festival.


There are several pillars of temples adjacent to Qutb Minar.

But they are in damaged condition. Mausoleum of a 13th century, Sufi saint. Complex and the venue for the annual Phoolwalon-ki-sair Festival. The dargah complex also houses graves of later Mughal emperors, Bahadur Shah I, Shah Alam II, and Akbar II, in an adjacent marble enclosure. To the left of the dargah, lies Moti Masjid, a small mosque, built for private prayer by the son of Aurangzeb, Bahadur Shah I. A baoli or stepwell known as Rajon Ki Baoli was constructed in 1506. During Sikandar Lodhi’s reign. It was used to store water though. It is now completely dried and is now known as Sukhi Baoli (dry well). In honour of the Sufi saint Shaikh Hamid bin Fazlullah. Also known as Dervish Shaikh Jamali Kamboh Dihlawi or Jalal Khan. The saint’s tomb built in 1536 upon his death is adjacent to the mosque.

 Brother and general Adham Khan in 1566. The tomb, also known as Bhulbhulaiyan.

Rest house and even as a police station. Close to Adham Khan’s tomb, lies that of another Mughal General, Muhammad Quli Khan. Ater it served as the residence of Sir Thomas Metcalfe, Governor-General’s Agent at the Mughal court. The Mehrauli Archaeological Park spread over 200 acres.

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